7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers

March 2017 Update

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Your freelance revenue makes you anxious. One week you top the most you’ve ever made. The next three weeks, zero.

How does this happen? It boils down to four scenarios:

  1. A client is late on payment. You’ve heard the excuses over and over. We’ll get it to you next week. Just finish this one more thing. My dog ate your check.
  2. A client delays a project. The proposal has been signed and time booked on your calendar. You’re ready start work. You open an email stating the project has been pushed back a couple weeks.
  3. You get dropped from a project. You spent all your working hours on the project leaving no time to invest in finding new projects. Now you’ve got to scramble to find the next gig.
  4. Your pipeline dries up. The lull of the feast or famine cycle. Your past clients don’t have work for you and all your leads seem to have disappeared. “This is the life of a freelancer”, you tell yourself. So you pay yourself as needed and any extra cash gets stashed in savings.

Longing for Your Old Benefit Package

You wish you could give yourself a salary and benefits but you’re afraid you’ll run out of money.

But what if you could afford all the perks of a full time job? The salary, the raises, the health insurance, the vacations, and the retirement account.

What if you could have a 10 hour week and not feel pressured to make it up with overtime the next?

You wouldn’t care about a multi-week slump or flaky clients because you’d know that you were still making money.

It’s true, the feast and famine cycle can cause your income to go up and down but you don’t have to let it.

Learn How to Generate Recurring Revenue

With my new book, you’ll learn 7 simple strategies to avoid the feast or famine cycle. You’ll have more clients and make more money so you’ll never have to worry about revenue gaps again. Using that extra revenue, you’ll be able to budget for things

you need like a salary, health insurance and vacations.


What You Get

The recipes in the book are your guide to recurring revenue. Like the recipe for your favorite meal, they will give you step by step instruction to give it a try. Right after you purchase 7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers, you’ll get a digital copy of the Recipes (PDF format). Each recipe is designed to take you from income you don’t trust to having multiple sources of recurring revenue. These are the 7 Recipes:

  1. Subcontracting The Drawbacks of Subcontracting • Shopping for a Good Agency • Building a Relationship with an Agency • The Right Fit • Agreeing to Terms • Nurturing Your Relationship with the Agency • Subcontracting Recipe
  2. Support Contracts Who Really Needs Support? • Offering Support from the Beginning • How to Write a Support Contract • Proactive Support • Support Contracts Recipe
  3. Skill Coaching Skill Coaching • Establishing Yourself as an Expert • Formalizing Your Coaching • Managing Expectations from Your Students • Creating a Sales Page • Skill Coaching Recipe
  4. Productized Consulting Deciding on Your Offer • Documenting Your Offer • Finding Testimonials and Case Studies • Whittle Away • Creating a Sales Page • Productized Consulting Recipe
  5. Info Products You Don’t Have to be an Expert • Deciding What to Teach • Start with a Small Product • Creating a Sales Page • Info Products Recipe
  6. Product White Labeling Identifying Opportunities • Taking a Hard Look at the Investment • The White-Labeled Product Vs the Custom One • Getting Creative for Sales • Product White Labeling Recipe
  7. Hiring Subcontractors Is it Worth It? • Finding and Evaluating Subcontractors • Establishing Terms • Releasing Control • Hiring Subcontractors Recipe

Comments About 7 Recurring Revenue Recipes for Freelancers

“I signed a $42,000 support contract based on your suggestions last week. I knew I needed to do it, and we closed before I left on a week-long trip.”
– Brandon Savage

“Buy this book. It’s well worth the time to read and consider how to apply the lessons to your own business. Embracing just one of these seven recipes has earned my business tens of thousands of dollars in revenue.”
– Pete Keen, 6 months into Freelancing.

“Ryan’s recipe on developing support contracts with new and existing clients definitely struck a cord with me. The recipes have the potential to make me an easy $25k extra each year. The price is a drop in the bucket compared to what you will make if you put his recipes into action.”
– Kevin Griffin

“Have you read @rmcastil‘s book? We were chatting about this earlier, but I think it’s “secretly” about boosting your total revenue – not just getting some recurring.”
– Michael Buckbee


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From the Author

Hey there!

I’m Ryan Castillo, a Freelance Web Developer. I’ve worked with clients for the last decade but it took a serious intervention for me to build a bulletproof business.

When my second son was about to be born I needed to take a break but I had one big problem: if I didn’t work I had no idea where our money would come from.

Then something magical happened. I landed an annual support contract. I realized that if I could land several of these I could take breaks from client work as needed.

The next several years I experimented and came up with ways to feel confident in my cash-flow. Using each of these recipes has allowed me to confidently generate over $175,000 per year.

Now I want to teach you what I’ve learned. Because if I can build multiple sources for recurring revenue, so can you.