DYFConf Notes: Kurt Elster – Work Smarter, Not Harder

Specializes in Shopify ecommerce development.

Productized consulting: websiterescues.com

Had just accepted Feast or famine cycle as part of the business. Rollercoaster. Are we going to meet deadlines?

Feast or famine cycle happens because we get busy. You stop doing all the things you’re supposed to do. You stop doing it because it doesn’t feel necessary.

4 weeks spending time trying to get back to where you were at before.

TODAY: 91 new leads in 30 days (August-September is kind of a slow month).

It wasn’t luck.

Marketing Automation – complete lack of you. It’s tireless. Doesn’t need “meatbags”

Increased Relevance (happy clients, twice as likely to close leads, quality of leads improve) and saves you time. == More Money, Less Stress

Scummy sales people. “not the fault of the tools/process, fault of the people”

Marketing can be thought of instead as “Freelancer Life Hacks”

Social Media: the art of procrastination

Why are we doing all this? Remember. MOAR Leads

How do we get them into our sales funnel once they look at our social content?

Pinned Tweet + Twitter Card = Call to action to your lead magnet

The big benefit for twitter cards is it replaces the typical name/email form signup into the simple click of a button.


Lead Magnet is your educational content that teaches your expertise. Educational content.

Uses drip for the lead magnet. With drip everyone starts at the same part of the campaign. A smart approach to the sales funnel rather than blasting content regardless of where your potential leads are in the sale campaign.

After they’ve taken the course. Follow up weekly. FOREVER

You don’t have control where people are in the buying cycle. But you shouldn’t really have to. With the automation you’re asking them to reply when they’re ready rather than blasting your content and demanding they reply.

Ain’t Nobody Got Time for 50 emails

It just takes an afternoon to setup the framework

Create a library of existing content. Stuff you created, stuff people referenced you in

Leads that go through the sales funnel vs Cold leads

Cold lead == lead that did not go through the lead magnet. Just filled out a form to start an engagement ASAP.

Is the cold lead serious or are they a tire ticker?

Leads that approach this way can be qualified with an automated email confirmation. Can be done with a WuFoo form.


Applying these lessons to his own Wedding RSVPing

Created a “gift optimization” system for their wedding :)

Taming your gmail

Further Reading/Listening:

Site: http://kurtelster.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/kurtinc