Visiting Clients Onsite

I’m in San Antonio for the week working onsite with a client.

I remember my first onsite visit and the nerves/excitement I felt. This seemed apparent to my boss so he offered little tips as we traveled. Some of them went something like this:

“I wear my suit when I fly so it doesn’t get wrinkled in my bag”


“You can remove minor wrinkles from your clothing using the steam from a hot shower.”

It wasn’t mind blowing advice but I really appreciated the gesture.

Hear are my own set of tips I’ve come up with over the years:

I know I ended that list on a sour note but you should always accept a visit to work onsite.

You don’t know what kind of adventures you’ll get to go on. I once got to tour a client’s 100 plus car collection (many of which included vin numbers 1 thru 5). He even had his hometown Dairy Queen into replicated in his garage!

Sure, as developers, 99% of our work can be done remotely but onsite visits aren’t about that. They’re about developing relationships and continuing to build on the goodwill and trust you have with your client.