DYFConf Notes: Mojca Mars – Don’t Be a Robot

How not to fully automate. Don’t be a Robot.

was called into work and was fired. blog post. then couple glasses of wine later. “went to work”

no clients, no leads

did cold emailing and social media

cold email = first clients, a lot of work for little results, had to repeat the process over and over

social media = took longer to get clients, better clients, could leverage the work over and over

Yet another scumbag marketing pic. lol

It’s not social media, it’s SOCIALising

What if you could get higher paying clients with a maximum 1 hour of work a day?

Going to focus on Facebook, Twitter

Need to have a strategic approach


Build Your Authority

Daily Process: 20 min engagement, 20 min authority, 20 min personal brand

http://www.socialbro.com/ a twitter analytics tool to find out when followers are online

90% of my tweets are not automated. 10% are.

How to build results with a facebook page and ads

For twitter focus on your personal account. Don’t waste time trying to engage with people with a company account.

For facebook have a facebook page but make it as personal as possible.

Further Reading:

Site: http://superspicymedia.com/work-with-me/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mojcamars