DYFConf Notes: Julie Elster – Getting Paid

Worked for 10 yrs in Customer service, finance claims, AR credits

Helped Kurt with collecting payments <3

Learned it’s ok to be picky with guys. You can be just as picky about clients!!!

Get to know what you’re getting into with your clients before you work with them. Qualify clients.

It’s ok to ask questions about potential customers before you work with them.

You don’t need to have the mentality that you should bend over backwards just to close a client deal.

You need to be looking at whether a client is a good fit for your business or not

How do we qualify clients? Communication

What can we do to prevent invoices from being paid late or not being paid?

Business owner versus Freelancer. Know Your Value. Don’t call yourself a freelancer. “Freelancer is our word”

You’re charging too low. If you have bargain rates you’ll attract clients looking for bargains.

Start charging upfront. Do you really want to be working with someone who cares about leverage?

Attitude should be that you don’t care if they don’t agree to your terms. It’s ok to say goodbye.

Let clients know a week before a payment is due.

Scope creep – by collecting money upfront you can avoid any problems with this.

Don’t go anymore than 15 day payment terms. Anymore and you’re potentially getting forgotten

Avoid Holding Payments Hostage. worked on a project, sent the invoice. “Oh, we need you to fix something”. Waited on the payment.

Firing Toxic Clients

You shouldn’t have to deal with toxic clients. If you’re thinking about firing a client you should do it. If you’re thinking about it, it’s too late.

3 ways to fire a client

  1. The slow fade
  1. The Cmd+Z
  1. Keeping the cash

My client paid late: Now what do I do?

Further Reading/Listening:

Site: http://justtelljulie.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Julie_Elster