DYFConf Notes: Brennan Dunn – The End of Consulting

Build a business that fits the life you want to live

With agencies you end up becoming manager.

Wanted to emulate another agency. Didn’t have any direction. Had built a business that had to build a life around.

3 Options

  1. You want to become a premium consultant. No exit plan
  2. You want to scale, and ultimately build an asset. You can build a company. You can build one that doesn’t require you as an input.
  3. You want to use client work to finance building _other _assets. Client work subsidizes other work. Shout out to https://unicornfree.com/2012/be-your-own-angel-how-to-make-money-happen

The little red hen.

Indecision kills productivity

You have a finite bank of decision making points. Rank by effectiveness

Think of the things that actually produce results effectively.

Your task isn’t write a book. It’s something you can actually define. Write a table of contents. Write a first chapter.

Journal like Thomas Jeffereson – kept journals. 1. tracked every seed he ever planted 2. tracked every for correspondence 3. Tracked weather

  1. What did I do?
  2. What worked?
  3. What didn’t?
  4. What (financial) impact?

Reflect daily

You’re going to have bad weeks/months

If you can see a trend showing forward movement, that’s the best way to overcome doubt.

Start or join a mastermind.

“you don’t know if we’re going to be around in a month”.

Don’t be afraid to turn around.

There is a reluctance to admit to ourselves that we’ve made a mistake.

Abstract ideas are going to remain abstract until you map out a way to accomplish them.

Further Reading:

Site: http://doubleyourfreelancing.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/brennandunn