Double Your Freelance Conf Review and Checklists

Here for just the “How to Find Leads” Checklist? Download it here.

I hope your week is treating you well.

Have you ever heard this piece of advice?

“Freelancing is a business, treat it like one.”

But what does that tell you exactly? You want to work on your business but it always seems like you have a hundred things to take on.

This happened to me two weeks ago. I thought I was “done”. I had finally re-launched my book but then another hundred things popped up:

Meanwhile, taxes were due and client work wasn’t going anywhere.

How did I react? I sat on the couch and binge watched the first season of Community. That wasn’t very “business like”.

I couldn’t stay a couch potato for too long though. I was scheduled to attend first ever Double Your Freelance Conference in a week.

The goal for Brennan, the conference organizer and crazy cool human, was to give its attendees a “handful of actionable to-do items that you can incorporate immediately into your business.”

The conference absolutely crushed that goal.

Before the conference started Brennan gave me the thumbs up on live blogging the event.

You can find my notes below as well as links to some other awesome speaker/attendee recaps.

Most importantly, you can download the Double Your Freelance Conf Action Plan. I’ve compiled it based on actionable advice from all the speakers.

Download you your copy!

It got quite long as I was working on it so I’ve divided it into three parts. Subscribe in the form below to get the other two parts when they’re ready.

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Once you give it a look and come up with five things to work on for your business, leave a comment here. I’ve already left mine :).

The more you set your intention, the more likely you are to get it.

If you want to state it privately feel free to send me an email and I’ll follow up.

Notes from Speaker Talks

If you want to dig into each topic the notes also include additional reading as well as twitter accounts and websites of each speaker.

Live Notes From Other Attendees

Speaker and Attendee Recaps


Moving forward this is a conference I plan on attending every year. It’s officially part of my big 3 with the other two being BaconBiz and MicroConf.

If you don’t live in the US make sure to leave a comment here and let Brennan know you want to see a similar conference in Europe. Also be sure to support the conference by buying the videos while they’re still offered at a discounted price.